Texas Hold Em Poker

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Lost Vegas Texas Hold Em Poker

Texas Hold Em Poker

How to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

  1. Dealing starts from the ‘Dealer’ button and is dealt clockwise around the table.
  2. The first player to receive a card must place a wager known as the ‘Small Blind’ prior to receiving his/her cards.
  3. The next player must place a wager, known as the ‘Big Blind’ this bet is twice the ‘Small Blind’ and is regarded as the ‘Table Minimum’.
  4. The objective of the Small and Big ‘Blinds’ is to initiate a ‘Pot’
  5. The Dealer deals an individual card to each player face down in a clockwise rotation starting with the ‘Small Blind’ position. The Dealer then deals each player a second ‘Hole Card’
  6. After each Player has received their ‘Hole Cards’ they have three options available to them. The betting continues from the Player to the left of the ‘Big Blind’ who may:
  7. ‘Call’ – make a Bet equal to that placed by the player to their right.
  8. ‘Raise/ Re-raise’ – increase the value of the bet made by the player before them (the amount of a ‘Raise’ must be at least equal to the value of the table minimum or in the case of a re-raise the ‘Re-Raise’ must be equal to or greater than the raise before it. .
  9. ‘Fold’ – the cards are ‘mucked’(returned to the Dealer face down) and the player plays no further part in the hand. .
  10. The ‘Small Blind’ and ‘Big Blind’ still have the option to increase their bet, as their initial stake was made ‘Blind’ and an independent decision must be made by each Player regarding their hand after they have viewed it. .
  11. Once the value of the highest bet has been matched by all Players (exceptions exist regarding matching the amount of the placed bet in the respect of ‘All In’ bets, where the Player stakes all the chips that he/ she has remaining) the game continues and the Dealer sweeps the ‘Pot’ into the centre of the table, ‘burns’ one card and exposes three cards known as the ‘Flop’.
  12. These cards are known as ‘community’ cards and are used by all Players. Combined with the ‘Hole cards’ that the each Player has previously received they make up five of the final resulting seven cards the Player can use to produce a hand. .
  13. After the ‘Flop’ has been dealt the Dealer initiates the betting round from the Player immediately to his/ her left and each player makes their decision as in the previous round. .
  14. After the betting is complete the Dealer again ‘Burns’ one card and exposes one, which is placed to the right of the initial three community cards dealt on the ‘Flop’. The placement of the fourth card in the sequence is often referred to as ‘Fourth Street’. Once again a betting round pursues. .
  15. The final card is known as the ‘River ‘ and completes the sequence of community cards in play from which three cards when combined with the Players ‘Hole Cards’ provide the opportunity for the best five card hard to be presented. The best combination possible is known as ‘The Nuts’