Drink Deck London Public Launch Party, Wednesday 18th July

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Drink Deck London Public Launch Party  <

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Come and help us celebrate the launch of Drink Deck London in true style!

On the 18th July we are taking over the basement of Barrio Central to introduce you to the latest concept to hit the streets…Drink Deck – the bar enthusiast’s travel guide to London’s best food & drink venues! Thanks to Love Drinks we’ll offer a compimentary cocktail and the chance to be some of the first people to buy Drink Deck.

From 6pm-8pm the event will be limited to invitees only, so be sure to RSVP asap. After 8pm feel free to invite your friends down to join in the fun. We’ll have our Drink Deck London Blackjack set up with lot of fun prizes to be won. Plus, you and your friends can benefit from some of the following:

•Special Drink Deck Rummy Cocktail Specials at a lucky price of £5.55 all night! Don’t forget to start a tab with your Barrio Central Drink Deck card to get 30% off!
•Latin Cantina serving up tapas to tacos until 10pm
•DJs, drink decking & dancing until 1am

Be sure to RSVP – only 100 spaces for the main event (6-8pm)!! 

Barrio Central
6 Poland Street




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CEO Vironic
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