Awards Ceremony with Jimmy Carr

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Lost Vegas was recently booked for a corporate awards ceremony at the Brewery In London with 3oo guests, we provided personalised fun money and playing cards – part of our New Corporate Packages and the casino winner won a Magnum of Champagne!

We set up 8 tables in the area where guests had pre dinner drinks so when they finished their meal the curtains were drawn back and lo and behold a lavish fun casino with full size casino quality tables with professional croupiers in blacktie and we had a separate poker room area for players to learn and play poker in quieter environment.

Jimmy Carr who recently hosted at the Brit Awards was there for the award ceremony he was very funny and entertaining and also announced our casino opening. Luckily there were no falls off the stage or capes flying! Didn’t Madonna do well, very professional – keep calm and carry on! The same motto that we have!

The casino tables were really popular and we had great feedback from the organiser and the guests! They were impressed with the set up and with our professional staff. All our croupiers are handpicked industry experts as we want to get the best out of all our events! We have done 4 repeat bookings for this corporate company as a result and work closely with our client to produce the best casino entertainment for their event.



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Jonathan Sims

CEO Vironic
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