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Lost Vegas Fundraising Casino Hire

Fundraising Casino Hire

The casino is a fun way to raise money and a fun way to donate as well! You cover the basic cost of your fun casino from the sale of tickets as you would with a band or disco. Most fundraising events sell tickets to attend the event and it is therefore common practice for our fees to be included within that ticket price, along with your other costs, such as Venue and Catering. That way, all of the proceeds from the Casino go straight to you and your worthy cause. You can also get business sponsorship of tables and prizes donated by local businesses. This ensures that all the proceeds from the sale of ‘fun’ money go to the charity or association.

Local Business Sponsorship
Some local business may sponsor a casino table, in return you can promote their company on the table with a sign and their logo on the ‘fun money’ The croupiers can wear the sponsors t-shirt or sash. The sponsor could provide merchandise with their branding to use as spot prizes for that table.

Casino Fun Money
As a taster you can give everyone a small sum of fun money to start with to buy their chips with at the casino tables. When they run out they can purchase more at a set rate from a cash desk. The croupiers or the casino manager cannot accept cash over the tables this must be sold by a member of the fundraising committee or charitable organisation. If your guests are sitting down for dinner it’s also a good idea to sell fun money after the main course around the tables. Make sure your guests are aware that they are welcome to purchase additional fun money if their luck runs out at the tables and have a banker on hand close to the tables to sell further notes.

Casino Night Fun
Once the casino is set up it runs itself and is one of the few entertainments with which you can raise money effortlessly. The casino tables are opened for business and the fun begins!! All of the fun casino tables are staffed with professional croupiers so the whole evening is organised and run for you. As a fundraiser, they tempt those who’ll allow themselves a “guilty pleasure” if they’re playing for a good cause. Your tables should be open for between two and three hours and start your fun casino after your meal!

Fantasy Gambling
Your guests would buy £100 of Fun money for a £5 or £10 donation or any amount you decide. At the end of the casino our croupiers will let you know who the winners are. It is not only the prize but the opportunity to participate and be entertained by our dealers whilst indulging in a fantasy that gets the crowds around our casino tables every time!

Amount of Casino Tables

When fund raising there is an important consideration of ensuring that you have enough tables to allow a sufficient number of guests to play at the one time otherwise guests that have ‘bought’ the fun money will be disappointed.

Casino night Timings

Make sure you get the timings right and guests are aware of what time the tables close so they are not disappointed when they come over to play with the fun money they purchased earlier. You can ask our advice on this.

Fun Casino Night Prizes
A great way to increase the money you raise for charity is by asking local businesses to provide attractive prizes or services, in the same way you would at an auction. Guests are encouraged to buy fun money when they see what great prizes can be won. They can have a great time whilst knowing they are helping to raise money for your charity in the process.

Fun Casino Spot Prizes
Spot prizes can also be donated to be given away throughout the night, this tends to increase the flow of traffic to the casino as people are attracted by the idea of winning even small prizes!

Casino Hire and the Gambling Act 2005
The Gambling Act 2005 section 14 permits the raising of money for charity in this way. You can hire Lost Vegas Casino hire and no gaming licence is required. You can now advertise your ‘Fun Casino party’ to boost your guest list.

Lost Vegas has the following available for charitable events:

  • We will be happy to provide customised fun money with your logo for your event free of charge to remind guests throughout the evening that they are playing for your cause.
  • Please state on your enquiry that it is a charitable event and we will offer you the keenest price.
  • Reductions available for midweek hire
  • Free Poker or Wheel of Fortune table with hire of 2 other tables
  • Spot Prizes included
  • We will promote your event on our website and facebook page
  • Lost Vegas Casino Hire Fundraising Consultation
  • From our first meeting to the conclusion of your event, Lost Vegas Casino Hire is there to make sure your casino party fundraiser is a big success! If you are a local charity based in Berkshire or Surrey we can even sponsor a free casino table for you! Contact Catherine to find out more and get a fact sheet of casino night fundraising tips!